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Enthusiast Sites

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The Definitive Deltic Library  - News & Photos of all things Napier
Six Bells Junction  - Reviews of Diesel Galas and Railtours
Absolutely Dreadful!  - Bashing memories from the BR days
End of The Line  - Details of withdrawn and stored locos
Preserved Locomotive Enthusiast Group  - Promoting Preserved Diesel Traction
Preserved Shunters  - Devoted to former BR, MOD and Industrial shunters
Link Rail  - Railway website listings
The 1980s Rail Photo Archive  - Photographic site
Electric Railway Preservation  - Preserved Electric Locos & Stock
Mr Bs Homepage  - All things Sulzer
British Rail The Final Years  - Photographic site
1980s Timewarp  - Bashing Memories and Archives
Vaclads  -  Class 50 bashing memories and photos
BR Diesel Web  - Photos and sounds of ex BR diesel engines
The Rat Roadshow  - Class 25's past & present (plus the other Sulzer 2's)
Railway Register  - Aims to list all railway websites in Britain and Ireland
The Gen Page  - Listing of proposed preserved diesel workings
Collecting British Railwayana  - Nameplates and loads of other stuff
The Class 52 'Western' Diesel Locomotive  - Dedicated to the Westerns
53A Models Photo Collection  - Photographic site
Mark Shipmans Locomotive Photo Gallery  - Photographic site
The North Wales Coast Railway  - News and information site
Cromptons  - Class 33 Site
Blair Atholl towards Drumochter  - Recreating the Highlands in 'OO'
BR Sulzer Type 2  -  All you need to know about classes 24 & 25
Dieselloconline  - Dutch site with a very good British Rail section
North Wales Coast Railway 1975 - 1983  - Photographic site - excellent 'blue' archive!  - News and Information site
EMRPS  - East Midlands Railway Photographic Society
Maybach Traction World  - News of Maybach Engined Locos Worldwide
UK-Railway  - Photographic Site
The Class 60 Data Site  - Class 60 Photos and Details
WithdrawnLocos  - Detail of Withdrawn Ex BR locos
Loco & Multiple Unit Website  - Photos and Technical Info
Alan Newble's Photo Centre  - Diesel photos from the 80's & 90's
Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotives  - News and Photos of the Hydraulics
Computerised Railway Magazine  - Models, Books & News
Aller Junction  - News & Photos from Devon & Cornwall
South West Rail News  - Yahoo group for the South West
Norfolk by Rail  - Rail news from Norfolk
John Piesing's Photo Gallery  - Photographic site
British Rail Locomotives  - Photographic site
The 50's  - A site dedicated to the Class 50's
The 47's  - A site dedicated to the Class 47's
Rail Blue  - Classic Traction of the 70's and 80's
Class 47 Finale  - Class 47 photos
Leighton Logs  - WCML Leighton Buzzard scene
Class 58 Website  - News of the 58's
UK Railpics  - Current Rail Photos
Locomotive Performance  - A site dealing with Train Timing and Performance
Cathkin Barrow  - Mike Macdonald's Tranpsort History Pages
Trains Directory  - Related news, books and web resources
The Class 47 List  - Up to date news on the remaining Class 47's
LocoScene  - Designed for the spotter by the spotter
Rail Elite  - Reports and Pictures of the current rail scene
Deltic Follower  - News on the 55's
Garry Brookes Railway Photography  - Photographic site - excellent 70's shots
Worcester Locomotive Society  - Enthusiast Group
Matt's Rail Photos  - Photo site  - Photographic site  - Class 87 news site
Robby's Trenfotos  - Belgian Rail Site
The Class 60 Gallery  - Contemporary photos of the Class 60's
Rail  - Log details of sightings and haulages online  - the UK railway links portal  - class 48's and LVA Sulzers
Jim M's Rail Pics  - Photographic site
The Totem Experience  - British Railway Totem Station Signs
Railway Nameplates UK  - Railwayana
Dennis Benson Photography  - Photographic site
Cumbria Railways - Bolton Loop  - Maryport and Carlisle Railway - Bolton Loop
Railway Photos  - Online photo album
Neil's Train Photos  - Photo Album
Class 25 Action  - Recording Class 25 Passenger mileage
Photographs by the Cobham Ape  - Photographic site
Train Frame  - D&E from the 1980's to the present day
GC Web  - Enthusiast site
The Charts On-Line  - Tracking 31's in East Anglia
British Rail Diesel Locos from the 80's  - Photographic Site