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Photo of D7029 added as well as new photos of 20137 24081 26043 37099 37215 & 45149 added from the GWR diesel day.


On account of its steam heat boiler, 47105 has some additional work during January & February working several trips on the GWR vice the lines DMU. Details are on the Brush Type 4 Funds website.


The future is looking bleak for 50040 & 50043 which are being offered for sale by Cotswold Rail who are looking for an offer in the region of 20k for both locomotives. The CR website currently states that if no bids are received by 15th January the parts will be sold off individually and the locos probably broken up. Cotswold Rail should be commended for at least giving preservationists an opportunity to buy the locos although most would say the price is a bit high for two derelict, heavily stripped diesels and that coupled with the amount of 50's already in preservation makes a sale unlikely. Recent photos of both are here. Cotswold Rail's site is here.
D1015 has now been granted a license to operate on Railtrack metals and some mainline test runs should follow soon.


37264 has been bought privately by a member of the Class 37 Loco Group and will be operated and maintained by the C37LG. The loco is currently at Wigan Springs Branch. More details are here.


A new tour has been announced for D1015 Western Champion, Past-Time Rail have details of a Paddington to Paignton trip planned for Saturday 20th April 2002 - details here. A further Paddington to Swansea and return trip in June is also a possibility and both are dependant on a successful run of the February Pathfinder/DTG organised tour.
Photos of 20189 & 20214 added


The frustrating problem of vandalism has again caused problems for members of the Bury Diesel Group. In the latest attack at the ELR the worst affected locos were; 47402 which had virtually all windows smashed and 24054 had paint thrown over the cab front and bodysides. Other locos affected were D7076, 33117 and the lines 03 shunter D2062. It would appear police have identified 4 persons they think responsible.
Additional photos of 25191 and 50027 added.


Photos of 20069 31235 31438 37032 50019 50029 50030 & 50043 added


Another EWS staff only open day is being held at Bescot this weekend, along with various EWS exhibits, four class 50's will attend - 50017 50031 50044 & 50049 as well as D1015. Once the event is over 50044 is scheduled to be moved to Old Oak Common on Monday (10th) for, I presume, remedial work following its lengthy stay at Brush Traction.


D9000 will work two Hertfordshire Railtours out of Kings Cross early in the new year. The first to York on the 3rd of January and then to the Nene Valley Railway on the 5th. Details on the Hertfordshire website.


Photo of 50031 added


A new arrival at the ELR is 31556, the former 31456/31291 is to be restored possibly at the expense of long term resident 31467.
The Midland Class Twenty Associations' engine, D8048, is due to return 'home' to the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre on Tuesday 4th December. The Type 1 arrived at the GCR in mid September for the diesel gala and has also been used on photo charters with the T1LA's 20 - D8098.


The Class Forty Preservation Society has announced that they intend to have D345 mainline certified in time for a railtour on the 30th November 2002. It is envisaged that the railtour will run from Birmingham to Holyhead and will be called the 'The CFPS Christmas Cracker 4' following tours run by the society in the 1980's. More details here
New photos of 24032 25278 33012 & 33034 added


The Class 37 Loco Group have acquired a power unit to fit into 37003, currently based at the East Anglian Railway Museum. The unit was removed by EWS shortly before the sale of the loco. The group hope to install the power unit early in the the new year and are also looking to re-fit a steam heat boiler. Details taken from C37LG website.


Just noticed a slight error on the events page, the Swanage Diesel Gala is on SUNDAY the 25th not Saturday the 25th - sorry about that. There doesn't appear to be a on-line timetable, although the 71A locomotive Group site quote the following contact number for details; 01929 425800. 
Locations for 50050 and D9000 updated as a result of the locomotives' new operating base. The movement of 50050, hauled by D9000, from Barrow Hill to Tyseley took place on Thursday evening.


Attempts to mark the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Deltics with a railtour have come to nothing, last minute efforts by DNLL to generate enough interest for a shorter version of the original were beaten by time, despite a fair number of people showing interest. This was after the original Fragonset proposed tour was cancelled in September. DNLL and Fragonset Railways have also ended their operating agreement for D9000 and 50050 - Details on both stories are here.


According to a couple of the mailing lists the Class Forty Appeal have had a major setback in the restoration of 40013 at the Midland Railway Centre, the loco suffered serious engine failure after being started last week for the first time in many years.


50040 & 50043 are for sale via Cotswold Rail, both locomotives have had little or no work done on them since arrival at their respective preservation sites. The future of at least one of these engines may be in doubt along with 50029 & 50030 which were made available earlier this year as all have been heavily stripped of parts.


ELR based 24054 40145 & 50015 are attending this weekends EWS staff open day at Crewe Electric Depot, along with 50049 from the SVR.
Photo of 33108 added


Photos of 24032 and 25278 added


Photos of 20056 26007 45105 & 50021 added


D123 will be working three trips on the Great Central on Friday November 30th. The trains are planned for 1830 1930 & 2030 from Loughborough and each train will be hauled back from Leicester by Class 25, D7629. More details will be posted to the T1LA website closer to the date.
55019 has completed its summer stay with the Nene Valley Railway and should be at Barrow Hill by now after the weekends DPS tour with D9009 to Great Yarmouth.
It looks like 56097 has been the first of its class to be preserved - buyer or destination unknown at present. The loco is currently at Wigan Springs Branch.
Photo of 37025 added.


Photos of 25035 26010 27056 40118 45118 50040 added.


Following the recent locomotive sales by EWS, 20059 20177 31327 & 31538 are heading for preservation sites, although which of these will be returned to working order remains to be seen.
Photos of D7076 45112 as well as some interesting photos of 55002 added.


More photos from the Llangollen diesel gala are here (653KB). News from there is that 25313 will be taken out of service shortly for engine and bodywork repairs and will be out of action for up to 18 months. 47449 is due to be repainted green while 20142 is to get a coat of blue.
Photos of 20050 20227 46035 50027 50044 50049 55016 added as well.


Photos of 20020 20142 25313 27050 27066 46010 and 47449 added. More photos from Llangollen will be uploaded Monday evening.


Photos of 24061 25057 25083 25191 26002 26004 26014 26025 26035 27001 27005 27024 added


Photos of 20094 20096 20135 25067 26011 31018 33035 37119 45060 50002 50023 50050 55009 & DELTIC added


50017 is to be returned to the main line under the care of DNLL, work is being carried out on the locomotive at Tyseley where it has been stored since the end of its use on the Northern Belle charter services. More details here


Photos of 31255 31270 37003 added


The Northampton & Lamport Railways' diesel gala scheduled for 20th - 21st October has been cancelled. A normal timetable DMU service will operate on the Sunday only.


Photos for Great Central Railway Diesel Gala added. Download zip file here (664KB)


Photos of 31101 31130 37190 40106 added