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The MCTA's 20048 which is currently undergoing repairs at Wabtec will move to the GCR at Loughborough for testing upon completion of the work. It is also expected to take part in the lines 1960's gala at the start of May.
An update on the progress of GWR based 45149 can be seen by clicking the 'Winter 2004' link here
Recent photos of 20001 20020 20059 20177 20227 27001 31203 40135 40135 46045 50049 73128 added
Archive photos of 31108 31463 46045 D1010 D1013 added


Photos from Mondays Gala at the GWR are here
Recent photo of 31271 added


The DPS commercial arm - DPSCS - has announced that it will be undertaking the repair work on 55022. The loco is still stored at Hornsey and is expected to move to Barrow Hill next month where the locomotive will receive a full body overhaul including re-skinning, both generators will be split from the engines for cleaning/repair and TPWS will be fitted. More details are on the DPS website
25035 was started at Loughborough on Tuesday for the first time in over a year following the locos bodywork repairs at the GCR. A number of minor faults need to be attended to before the loco can move under its own power - a photo is here
73138 has returned to Barrow Hill following the ED's appearance at the MRC diesel gala earlier this year.
Fragonset has launched a service called 'Partsales' which is aimed at supplying locomotive owners with spare parts for their vehicles. More details are here
Recent photos of 31162 37075 37075 47367 & 50019 added


The Scottish 37 Groups 37025 was successfully started at Bo'ness yesterday. It is the first time the engine has run in over five years - a photo is here. More work needs to be carried out before the loco will be able to move under its own power, in particular the bodywork, electrics and cabs. More details and some video are in the news section here
More photos added to Saturdays 50 charter page
Recent photos of 40013 45118 and 50019 added


56097 is currently up on stands at the Brush Works in Loughborough in the process of being fitted with a fully overhauled pair of bogies.
Photos of this weekends class 50 hauled dining charters are here


Photos and details for 31410 & 47205 added
Recent photos of 31418 37037 46045 added


HNRC has acquired five withdrawn class 33's - 33002, 33008, 33053, 33057 & 33203, which are currently stored at MOD Smalmstown. All except 33203 are capable of being made operational and are being offered for sale to preservationists. Serious enquires for purchase only should be to Martin Ashworth on 07798 916115 before 31/1/05.
31410 has moved from long term storage at Carnforth to the Stainmore Properties site at Kirkby Stephen East station where it joins 20169.
The test run for D1015 will not now take place this year. The planned date is now January 17th..
D9521 is undergoing minor repairs at Barry Island and will be repainted into two-tone green before a return to service next year. A photo is here

A timetable and loco roster for the GWR Christmas Gala is here
Recent photos of 20059 20177 20189 37075 37075 46045 50021


20177 has moved from Yeovil to Tyseley today where it will provide parts to aid the mechanical restoration of 20059 which will begin shortly. It is also planned to fit 20059 with TPWS for a return to the mainline with Vintage Trains.
47205 was transported from Southampton Maritime to the Northampton & Lamport Railway on Tuesday. Photos welcome!
The DPS have announced details of their first tour for 2005 with a day out from Kings Cross to Newcastle/Edinburgh and back. More details are here
Restoration progress on Churnet Valley Railway based 47192 can be seen here and here

Recent photos of 20056 37075 37075 47798 56057 added


47205 has been purchased privately for preservation and is to be based at the Northampton & Lamport Railway. The loco is due to leave Southampton by road for Pitsford this week.
50026 was due to be lifted off its bogies by 275 Squadron at its base in the MOD depot at Bicester at the beginning of last month but unfortunately things did not go according to plan and the loco was dropped. No further details are available at present pending investigations by involved parties.
Further photos added to the 37264 restoration gallery

Recent photo of 37075 added


37075 left Ruddington yesterday and was moved by road to its new home on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at Wirksworth - photos here and here. It is planned for the 37 to make its passenger debut on the line hauling the Santa Specials next weekend.
Class 14, 14029 has returned to the Nene Valley Railway following tyre turning at Toton TMD
A charter utilising Northampton & Lamport Railway based 45118 has been arranged for March 13th. Details here


26010 has been purchased by members of the Waverley Route Heritage Association and will ultimately be based on the embryonic project re-instate part the former line from Edinburgh to Carlisle although immediate plans for the loco are not known. The 26, which has not run for some time, is currently stored at the Northampton & Lamport Railway. Recent photos of the loco are here
There is now a possibility that D1015 will undergo a test run on December 20 using another loco as a dead load - probably a Fifty Fund engine - no further details are available yet.
20059 has moved from Yeovil Junction to Tyseley Locomotive Works for the completion of its restoration.
25083 has had the radiator elements lifted out at Bridge of Dun to enable repairs to the radiator tanks - both will be replaced. Once this work
and some tidying up of the cabs and bodywork is complete the loco will be ready for its first test runs. Photos here here and here
Negotiations are underway to bring 26024, 27001 and 47643 down from Scotland to take part in next May's Diesel Gala at the NYMR. Also hoped to attend are a DPS Deltic and some locos from the HNRC stable plus the lines own operational diesels.
Recent photos of 31101 31130 31130 added along with archive views of D821 & D1023


The festive season is almost upon us and The Gen Page have put together a list of all known  Santa Specials that involve diesel locos. Details here
Additional photos added to the GWR gallery
Recent photos of 20110 31538 33048 37075 & 50049 added
Archive photos of 20142 25313 37099 37215 added


Photos from the GWR Gala and Swanage Diesel Day added
Photos from the weekends class 50 railtour are here
Recent photos of 24054 37032 45112 & 73136 added


20189 has been delivered to the Weardale Railway for use on their Santa Specials. The loco was previously at the Wensleydale Railway.
Photo of todays class 50 charter is here


25309 has moved north from storage at LNWR Crewe to the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway and will now be in the care of the SRPS diesel group. The 25 was unloaded today and requires repairs to the generator which will be lifted out and sent away for attention - photos are here and here
Restoration work on 50027 is progressing at Grosmont with work concentrating on repairing corroded bodywork. The loco will be repainted into NSE livery and the intention is for 'Lion' to re-enter service next year. Photos here and here

A calendar has been produced to help raise funds for the restoration of D9000/55022. Details of where you should purchase this item are here
Times for this weekends class 50 hauled railtour (and stock moves) are here
Recent photos of 24061 added along with an archive view of D7017


Battlefield Line based 37227 has had the engine and generator lifted out at Shackerstone. A replacement engine has been purchased to help return the loco to service which suffered a serious engine failure earlier this year. Further news from the line is that 73114 was successfully started up yesterday after four months intensive work which included installing a replacement engine & generator. The Fragonset owned loco has also had all major cables in the electrical cubicle renewed as well as missing items from the brake frame and cabs replaced.
A recent photo taken at Old Oak is here and archive views of 20031 20142 24054


D9504 has moved up to the Dagenham Dock area whilst employed on CTRL construction duties. The 14 had latterly been based at Swanscombe. Photo here
A timetable & loco roster for this weekends diesel gala at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway is here
Recent photos of 40135 40135 40145 45041 46045 73119 added along with archive photos of D821 46010 50031 50033


Network Rail have advised the DTG that the test run for D1015, which was pencilled in for next week, is now unlikely to happen until the new year. It had been hoped the Western would make its mainline comeback with a railtour next month. D1015 has been repaired at Old Oak Common and tested within depot confines with no problems arising.
56097 has left Cardiff by road and is and is now at Brush Traction in Loughborough - photo here - where it will receive an reconditioned power unit and overhauled bogies before moving to its new home up the road in Ruddington.
Latterly under repair at Wansford Class 14 14029 (D9529) has been delivered to Toton.
The planned use of 31162 and 31207 on trains at the North Norfolk Railway this weekend has been unfortunately cancelled as it has not been possible to re-certify 31162's boiler in time.
Last weekends 'Cab-it' diesel event at the NRM has been adjudged a great success and the organisers would like to thank everyone who attended. As a result the museum will be holding a bigger event next year.
Additional highlighted photos added to the Lakeside gallery
Recent photos of 20110 20110 & 20227 added


The repaint of 25173 is almost complete and the overhauled turbo was installed over the weekend.
Photos of the diesel events at the National Railway Museum and the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway added as well a few photos of the 46010 charter at Llangollen.
Recent photo of 47401 added along with archive views of D8568 & 20166


45112 hauled D6700 and 47715 to the National Railway Museum today for this weekends 'Cab It' event. 47355 also went along for the ride and later returned light to Derby. fGW's 47815 also arrived today for the event.
Formerly Swanage based class 14 D9521 has left Norden today and was delivered by road to its new home at the Vale of Glamorgan Railway at Barry Island, South Wales. The loco was put up for sale by the Swanage Railway last month.
The planned test run for 37003 this Saturday at the Wensleydale Railway has been cancelled.


In connection with this weekends NRM 'Cab It' event 45112 was due to haul D6700 (37119) and 47715 from Derby to York today but unfortunately the loco movement got no further than just north of Derby station due to a problem with the newly repainted Peak. The ensemble was hauled back to the RTC by 47355.
A timetable for the East Lancs English Electric Day on November 20 is here
Photos of the 33019 charter from last Saturday are here here and here
Archive photos of 31463 33110 D832 45125 45125 added


Past Time Rail have a provisional date for the return of D1015 to the mainline of Thursday 27th January with an Eden-Ex from Gloucester. This is still subject to confirmation. Details here
46045 has been outshopped in BR green with half warning panels at Swanwick as D182 & will be working the Santa Specials at the MRC later this year on account of its working steam heat boiler.
A gallery for the South Devon Railway diesel gala is here

A recent photo of 45118 added


Unfortunately D9525 will not be working at this weekends South Devon Railway Gala. Amended timetable is here
A provisional timetable for the annual Swanage Railway diesel day is here. The running day will feature 33012 along with the lines two class 08 shunters and the 108 DMU.
West Somerset Railway based 25173 is receiving a new coat of two tone green prior to the installation of its overhauled turbo. The 25 has been out of traffic since May following the failure of the turbo. Progress continues with the overhaul of D7018 and the spare transmission intended for use in the loco was found to be in excellent condition despite it being over thirty years since its last inspection! More details on the work at the DEPG can be found here

40013 had its power unit lifted back into the loco at Barrow Hill on Wednesday. The engine has had all turbos, heads, pistons and liners overhauled and it is hoped to be started up early next year. A full bogie overhaul and re-tyre is also planned for the new year.
A gallery depicting the repairs to D1015 is here
Web Forum has now been added to the site to allow discussion on the subject. You will need to sign up to be able to post messages - Please keep it sensible!
Recent photos of D9526 47105 47105 56097 27001 added


47596 was successfully started at Tyseley over the weekend of 23/24 October. The locomotive was run up twice for periods of forty and ninety minutes respectively with no obvious problems coming to light.
The Spa Valley Railway have taken delivery of their Class 207 Thumper from Porterbrook. A photo is here
Further views of the ELR's 207202 can be seen here here and here
A support Group has been formed for North Norfolk Railway based 31207. Details on how to join are in a PDF file here
Archive photos of 20031 25059 25321 D7029 37190 D821 D821 D832 D832 55019 added along with a recent shot of 26014


Pathfinder have cancelled this Saturdays railtour featuring 40145 from Crewe to Paddington because of impending industrial action by some EWS staff.


D1015 had its repaired transmission refitted at Old Oak Common last week. Photos here here here & here. The locos cooler group will be refitted and arrangements made for a test run. The DTG would like to thank First Group for all their assistance and co-operation that has ensured a swift repair to the locomotive.
Preparations continue for this weekends 'Gronk Aid' gala at the South Devon Railway. Photos - 09002 20110 20110 37037 37037
A few photos of Sundays diesel running day at The Spa Valley Railway is here
The East Lancs Railway have taken delivery of their Class 207 'Thumper' unit from Porterbrook. A photo is here
33019 has been chartered to work 10 round trips at the Battlefield Line this Saturday (6th Nov). The train is open to anyone wishing to travel and details are here
31162 and 31207 will
work 7 return trips at the North Norfolk Railway in top & tail mode vice the lines German railbus on November 20/21. Train heat will be from 31162's boiler.
31108 and D1013 have been added to next years Mid Hants diesel gala line up
Recent photos of 24081 50026 50026 added


The repaired transmission for D1015 was delivered to Old Oak Common yesterday after shipment from Germany and will be installed into the loco in the coming weeks. A photo of the loco is here
The Spa Valley Railway will be all diesel from next Wednesday with 09004 working services on Wednesday & Thursday (27/28 October), 73140 on the Friday (29th) and 33063/65 over the weekend.
Trains depart Tunbridge Wells West at 1100, 1215, 1400 & 1515 on all 5 days. A return trip will cost £4 adult / £3 concessions, or ride all day for £6 adult / £5 concessions.
The English Electric theme day at the ELR on November 20th will feature 31435 40135 and 40145 with 08780 also putting in an appearance. It is also hoped the lines newly acquired Class 207 Thumper will arrive at Bury in time to participate in the event. More details will be available nearer the date.
Additional photos added to the 37037 restoration gallery

Recent photos of 37003 added here and here


The shell of 37904 has been delivered to Booths Scrapyard in Rotherham from Carnforth for cutting. The loco has been progressively stripped to provide parts for the restoration of 37901. The power unit was removed and dispatched to Llangollen some weeks ago.
Recent photos of D9555 D9555 27066 27066 31235 37003 37198 37275 & D1015


37003 makes its passenger train debut on the Wensleydale Railway tomorrow (Saturday) when the loco will work a special trip from Leeming Bar to Redmire and back for volunteers, guests and Class 37 Loco Group members although the train is open to anyone wishing to join the group on the day (£15). Approximate departure time from Leeming Bar is 1830 although anyone intending to travel should be there at 1800.


45112 and 37119 (D6700) will also be in attendance at the NRM 'Cab-it' event on November 13 & 14. The Peak will haul the 37 north from Fragonset at Derby following its collision repairs. The line up is constantly being added to & more details are here. After the event D6700 is expected to move to its new base at Shildon along with 47798.
Further photos added to the galleries for the GWR Gala and the Railcar 50 event
Recent photos of 50050 added here and here


A timetable & loco roster for this Saturdays Diesel Day at the Dean Forest Railway is here
The Mid Hants gala next year will be held on 13-15 May 2005 - the first loco lined up to attend is 56045, currently residing at Immingham, but due to move to Barrow Hill for restoration at some point.


The Dean Forest Railway are holding a Diesel Day this Saturday (23rd) and in operation will be 08238, D9555 and 27066.
A number panel for 37263 is available for sale - the offer closes tomorrow - details here


50050 was moved from Tyseley to Westbury yesterday by Fragonsets 31601. Photos are here and here. The loco was stabled overnight in Westbury Yard and will complete its journey to its new home at the Yeovil Railway Centre today.
Galleries for the GWR Gala and the Railcar 50 event at the SVR added


Pathfinder have two more dates utilising 50031 & 50049, the locos will work the diesel legs of a steam tour between Cardiff & Derby on 27 November. Details here. On December 18 the locos will work two Christmas dining charters starting from Bristol and Cardiff. Details here
D832 will work the diesel diagram at the Great Central this weekend, working the 1030 freight and the 1300 passenger departures from Loughborough on Saturday & Sunday. The loco is expected to return to the ELR shortly.
Further highlighted photos added to the North Norfolk gala gallery
Recent photo of 50031 added


Further to the last update the WSR gala on October 23-24 will now feature D9526, 33048 and D7017. This is because D1010 has been taken out of service for transmission repairs. The Hymek will work on both days with the 14 in use only on Saturday and the 33 working on the Sunday.
Additional highlighted photos added to the Nene Valley gallery
Recent photos of 25072 26014 and 27024 added


50031 & 50049 worked an ECS from Toton to Old Oak Common this morning. Photos of this and the weekends tour are here
Class 14 14029 (D9529) was noted under repair at Wansford over the weekend having been previously located at Dagenham Dock
The West Somerset Railways 'Grand Trains Extravaganza' will see D9526, D7017 and D1010 working alongside steam locos on October 23-24. Details are here
A timetable and loco roster for next months 'Gronk Aid' Gala at the South Devon Railway is here
Llangollen based 46010 has been chartered for a charitable cause on November 13 with all welcome. Details here
Galleries from the weekends galas at Llangollen and the Nene Valley added


45112 will not be working the diesel sections of Pathfinders 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' tomorrow because of ongoing repairs to the loco at Derby. Fragonsets 33103 & 33202 are now booked to work in place of the Peak.
73119 made its first runs on the Keith & Dufftown Railway on Wednesday and some photos of this can be seen here
31435 & 40135 will be operating the two turns at the East Lancs this weekend on both Saturday & Sunday because of a shortage of serviceable steam engines.
A gallery depicting the start of bodywork restoration of the Devon Diesel Societies 37037 is here
A small gallery for last weekends gala at the North Norfolk Railway is here

A photo of the five loco class 50 line-up at Kidderminster last week is here
A recent photo of 20056 added with archive views of D9521 & D9521


73136 has left the Kent & East Sussex Railway and now resides at Stewarts Lane depot in London.
D7017 is rostered on the West Somerset Railway diesel turn this coming Saturday & Sunday
Times for Saturdays railtour featuring 50031 & 50049 are here
Yet more highlighted photos added to the SVR gallery
Recent photos of 20059 20177 40145 added along with an archive view of 27007


45112 is to have an engine lift at Derby to allow repairs to an oil pump and is now doubtful for its booked railtour this Saturday.
A timetable & loco roster for this weekends diesel gala at Llangollen is here
Photos depicting further progress on 56097 have been added to the locos restoration page
Further highlighted photos added to the SVR gallery


73136 hauled its final trains on the KESR on Saturday. Two photos of the trains worked with 33052 are here and here
The restoration work of 45149 at Toddington is now concentrating on overhauling the locos power unit. All six 'A' bank cylinder heads have been overhauled and all the 'A' bank pistons and liners have now been removed and will be overhauled before being re-assembled and returned to the loco after which work will start on the 'B' bank. A gallery of the restoration work is here
The DPS have announced the dates of four planned Deltic hauled railtours for next year, they will be April 23, July 2, October 1 and December 29 - the itineraries have yet to be announced however. The society has also launched an appeal for funds to assist with the purchase of TPWS equipment for its three locos.
The Llangollen Railway holds a three day diesel gala this weekend featuring locos 20142 37240 46010 and 47449. It is also likely that 25313 will make an appearance after all. Loco rosters will be made available once they are finalised.
Further photos of the SVR loco moves yesterday are here here and here

Recent photos of 20197 25173 37142 added


A photo gallery for last weekends gala at the Severn Valley Railway is here. 40145 has today returned 37190 50007 and D1023 to their respective homes, 50031 and 50049 have returned to Old Oak Common taking 50035 with them - photos here and here
20001 has moved from Wabtec at Doncaster to the Midland Railway at Butterley.


73136 will work its last trains on the Kent & East Sussex Railway this coming Saturday (2nd) with 33052 before the ED departs the railway for storage at Stewarts Lane depot. The locos will work the 1205 and 1445 departures from Tenterden.
73119 completed its move to Dufftown yesterday evening. A photo of the loco being unloaded at its new home is here
A timetable and loco roster for next weeks Nene Valley Railway diesel gala is here. Newly arrived 56057 will work all trains on the Friday (8th) with a load of 9 of the lines air braked continental stock which is the equivalent of load 11 mark one stock. Over the weekend D9516 D9523 31108 40106 & 56057 are joined by GBRf loco 66709 and subject to availability it is hoped to change the GBRf loco for a different class 66 on the Sunday.
As 24054 is not attending the SVR gala revised loco diagrams & timetables are here
A timetable and loco roster for the Autumn Diesel Gala at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway is here
Further photos added to a gallery of the SVR loco move yesterday


40145 has today collected D1023 from the NRM along with 37190 and 50007 from the MRC and hauled them to Kidderminster for the Severn Valley gala. Photos here. D5054 (24054) will not be taking part due to the loco still waiting the materials to complete repairs to a traction motor blower that failed during the ELR gala.
73119 left Barrow Hill by road on Monday evening and began the long journey to its new home on the Keith & Dufftown Railway and was last reported on the A9 at Dunblane this afternoon.
33019 will be in action at the Battlefield Line this weekend hauling the
12:00, 13:20, 14:40 and 16:00 departures from Shackerstone on both days (subject to availablity)
South Devon Railway based 20110 and 37037 have been receiving attention before the 'Gronk Aid' gala at the railway on November 6&7. The 20 will debut in its new livery at the event whilst the 37 will appear in a partially restored state before re-entering the shed for completion of its bodywork restoration.
Yorkshire Engine Co. 0-6-0 LO52 and Class 04 D2246 will be available for driver experience runs at Buckfastleigh.
A timetable & loco roster for this weekends diesel gala at the North Norolk Railway is here
Recent photos of 25059 25235 31101 31130 50019 50031 & 50049


50031 and 50049 are working an Old Oak - Crewe ECS this morning before running light to Kidderminster. Time are here & further loco moves for the SVR gala this weekend will be performed by 40145 tomorrow. Times here


Two photos of the preservation debut of 73110 at the weekend are here and here. A gallery can be seen here
56097 has made a rare appearance inside the workshops at Cathays to have the roof sections removed for repairs and repainting. Photos are here and here. With the impending closure of the site at Cathays the 56 will be leaving in around a months time with the ultimate destination being its new base at Ruddington. The depots other resident loco, 26038, will be moving to the former EWS depot at Cardiff Canton for the continuation of its restoration.
A recent photo of 33052 added


Wensleydale Railway based 37275 made its first short test runs in the yard at Leeming Bar last Tuesday after repairs to the locos air systems were completed. A few minor adjustments are still required and attention will then be turned to the bodywork and a repaint. Join the Class 37 Locomotive Group (fill in the form online in the members area) to find out more.
A selection of photos of yesterdays class 50 railtour is here


The repairs to the transmission of D1015 at the Voith works in Germany are progressing although are a few weeks behind schedule and provisional plans to use the loco on a test run in conjunction with the 40145 railtour into Paddington on November 6th have been shelved. Further details on this and the next livery for D1015 are here
73110 has been returned to operational condition at the Churnet Valley Railway and is expected to make its preservation debut at the lines gala this weekend
Updated times for todays class 50 railtour are here
Timetables and loco rosters for next weekends Severn Valley Diesel Gala are here
A website for the Class 48 Appeal is here


50031 and 50049 have today taken an ECS working from Old Oak to Kings Lynn (via ECML) for tomorrows railtour to Bath. Some times for this are here
45112 ran light from Crewe to Derby yesterday following last weekends railtour.
The restoration of 37263 at Lydney is progressing well with some sections of rotten bodywork cut out and as a result a number panel is available for sale with money raised going towards the loco. For more info please leave a message on the website
Recent photos of 25283 D832 44008 45125 50029


The Churnet Valley Railway holds a mixed traction gala this weekend with 33102 and the class 104 DMU booked to work trains along with steam traction. Other locos currently under restoration will be on display at Cheddleton. Details here
Anyone interested in a project to preserve 47114 should click here
Additional galleries from the Battlefield Line and the Midland Railway - Butterley are here and here
Recent photos of 47524 and 50017 added


45112 is the booked power for the diesel legs of a Pathfinder railtour featuring the unique Riddles Pacific 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' on 9th October. The preserved Peak will work the Cardiff - Crewe & Carlisle - Cardiff sections of the tour. Details are here
Gala photos from the Great Central Railway  Midland Railway - Butterley Peak Rail and the Battlefield Line added
Recent photos of 24054 31235 40135 45112 47596 55016 added


The revised line up for the Severn Valley diesel gala on October 1-3 is; from the ELR - 24054 & 40145, From the NRM - D1023 and from the MRC - 37190 & 50007. Also lining up will be 50031 & 50049 along with resident locos D821, 50044, D1013, 73005 & 73006. The changes were due to the NRM's  D8000 and D200 being unavailable.
Galleries from the Great Central Railway  Midland Railway - Butterley & Spa Valley Railway added
A photo of 45112 today is here


Further information received on this weekends event at the Spa Valley Railway - with only two steam locos in service (including visiting Standard 4 Tank 80078), there promises to be plenty of diesel action on both days.  The diesels in service will be 09004, 33063, 33065, 73140 and on Sunday only D3489 (Class 10 "Colonel Tomline").  Service operate from 9:30am until 9pm Saturday, and 9:30 until 5:30pm Sunday. The full loco roster can be downloaded from the railways website
73119 & 73138 were hauled from Barrow Hill to Butterley today by 66523. Photo here
45112 has run light from Derby to Crewe to be in position for this Saturdays Pathfinder tour from Newtown to Edinburgh & return which it will work throughout. Times for this are here


The line up for the Midland Railway - Butterley diesel gala is now confirmed; the previously advertised EWS class 58's will not be attending - however 20001, 20227, 47401 and 50007 will work trains along with 73119 & 73138 from Barrow Hill. A loco roster is here
37264's power unit was reunited with the loco last Friday at Tyseley Locomotive Works. The generator, turbos and intercoolers have received attention, all of which were in a very run down state. Further works will take place now the power unit is back in situ to enable a start up to be attempted in the coming months. Although a huge amount of work has been carried out to date the no.1 end cab still requires restoration, the no.2 cab requires completion as well as attention to the bodywork. A gallery of the restoration can be seen here
Following repairs 37255 and 25265 are expected to be ready for this weekends 3-day gala at the Great Central Railway although the outstanding work on 25035 has not been completed in time. D832 arrived by road from Bury today. Gala details are here
37142 has successfully completed two further loaded test runs and will make its first passenger runs in preservation this weekend 18/19th at the Bodmin & Wenford gala. 50042, 33110, 08444 will also be working and D3452 providing driver experience trips in the yard.
33065 will be in action on the Spa Valley Railway this weekend. Details here

More photos added to the ELR gallery

Recent photos of 25083 31270 37097 37255 50019 50019 50030 D1010 D1010 added along with an archive view of 25283


20227 has left Wabtec at Doncaster after its light overhaul and has been delivered to the Midland Railway at Butterley - photo is here. 20001 is to follow suit shortly.
A curry train will operate on the Saturday night of the Peak Rail Diesel Gala next weekend providing an alternative to the more common beer-ex! Details are here
Details for this weekends Battlefield Line Diesel Gala themed around 1990's sectorisation can be found here
Photos from the ELR gala are here and photos from the Chinnor gala are here
Photo and details for 31113 added
Recent photos of D9526 25035 31270 33048 37215 37255 47117 47117 added


Two France bound class 58's are now confirmed to be visiting Butterley for next weekends diesel gala. The locos are believed to be 58033 & 58050, which are currently under repair at Old Oak Common, although the actual locos are subject to confirmation.
The owners of Spa Valley based 73140 (who were also involved with the acquisition of E6003) are in the process of collating over ten years worth of acquired class 73 documentation referencing just about every aspect of both subclasses of the locomotives. They are prepared to make this available to other owners of preserved 73ís through an owners group assuming there is sufficient interest. Please email E6047@aol.com in the first instance to express an interest in forming such a group with a brief indication of who you are and what you would like to achieve by being part of the group.


The bodywork repairs on 37119 (D6700) damaged in the shunting accident at Barrow Hill last year have been finished at the Fragonset workshops in Derby, the loco now requires a repaint to complete the job.
Amended diagrams for this weekends three day diesel gala at the East Lancs can be downloaded here
The Peak Rail diesel gala on September 18 & 19 will see 31270, 44008 and a class 108 DMU operating services over the weekend with various classes on display at Rowsley along with shunter brakevan rides. The event will also feature a curry and real ale train hauled by 31270 on the Saturday evening. More details can be found here.
Photos of 45112 working yesterday are here here and here


Preserved Peak 45112 took an inspection saloon from Derby to Newton Heath yesterday and will tour the Manchester and Peak Forest areas today before returning ECS to Derby. Times for the jaunt are here
The visiting traction for the forthcoming Diesel Gala at the Midland Railway Butterley will be 73119 and 73138 from Barrow Hill. 20001 and 20227 are both expected back at Butterley imminently from overhauls at Wabtec & there may be further visiting locos but this has yet to be confirmed, as is the full line up.


37142 has successfully completed a loaded test run on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway and subject to availability will take part in the lines diesel gala this month. Unfortunately the 205 'Thumper' unit due to be delivered to the line will not arrive in time for the gala. Photos of 37142 are here and here
The South Devon Railway is holding a Mixed Traction event this weekend and D9525 20118 and 25901 will all be in action. More details are here and details of which trains the diesels are working is here
20069, 31235, 31538 & 50019 will be working at the Mid Norfolk Railway diesel gala this weekend. Details of this event are here
50031 and 50049 will be working a Steamy Affairs railtour from Kings Lynn to Bath on September 25th. Details
A gallery for last weekends Bo'ness gala is here

Recent photos of 20189 31188 37003 37037 50019 50031 55009


Unfortunately Freightliners 47197 is unable to attend the Bo'ness gala this weekend however the home fleet is all expected to operate as planned.
Recent photos of 33102 and 33102 added


A statement from the owner of Tyseley based Deltic D9016 regarding repairs required to one of the locos power units can be seen in the news section here
The NRM fully intend to keep 47798 in mainline certification following its recent withdrawal as standby engine from the Flying Scotsman steam specials because of a paperwork problem relating to maintenance & overhaul policies. The duties are currently being performed by a West Coast loco but the 'Royal' 47 is expected to return to mainline action shortly.
The bodywork restoration on Peak Rail based 50030 is now at an advanced stage in readiness for its display at the forthcoming Peak Rail diesel gala. Photos are here and here
The operating capacity at the Churnet Valley Railway has been greatly improved with the completion of the Consall signalling project and its subsequent approval by the railway inspectorate over the weekend. This now allows two train operation on the line and the first event to benefit is the lines diesel gala on 27 & 28 September.
Recent photos of 50031 & 50031 added


A gallery for the Northern Lights railtour is here and following the disappointing but correct decision to remove 40145 from the train at Carlisle the CFPS expect the locomotive to be serviceable in time for the forthcoming East Lancs diesel gala. The affected turbocharger has been removed for a full investigation and repair to take place. 40145 is also expected to attend the Severn Valley diesel gala in October.
56057 completed two test runs over the Nene Valley Railway on Saturday evening and no major problems came to light. Photos here and here. The loco is now all set to star in the lines diesel gala on October 8-10 with the Friday being designated 'Grid Day' with 56057 booked to haul all trains.
A timetable & loco roster for the ELR diesel gala is here
Recent photos of 47716 D1013 & 73134 added


Unfortunately 40145 has failed today on the CFPS/Pathfinder tour to Kyle of Lochalsh. A cracked turbo saw the 40 removed from the train at Carlisle and return light engine to Bury for attention. The train continued forward behind an EWS class 66 with a pair of 37/4's allocated for the Highland sections of the tour. Arrangements are being made for 50031 to be sent north from Preston to take over the return leg from Motherwell.
50033 completed the last leg of its journey into the Steam Museum from Cocklebury Sidings by road yesterday. The loco now resides in the museums workshops. A photo is here
A recent photo of D9504 added


31188 has finally made its move from Carnforth to the Wensleydale Railway. It was unloaded at Leeming Bar last week, 31166 is expected to follow suit shortly.
Bodmin & Wenford Railway based 37142 has made its first runs in preservation last night running up and down the yard at Bodmin. Photo here. The loco will have a loaded test run within the next week and all being well it will star in the lines diesel gala on September 18/19. The railway also hope to have the newly acquired Class 205 'Thumper' unit on site by then.
The bodywork restoration of GCRN based 25279 continues at Ruddington - a selection of photos can be seen here
Complete times for this weekends 40145 railtour and associated stock moves are here
HNRC advise that 6 traction motors and 6 wheelsets ex 50023 are available for sale - interested parties should contact James Williams on 07813 926 224 no later than 10/9/04.
A new website, still under development, concentrating on preserved shunting locomotives can be seen here
Recent photos of 46045 & 50033 added


50031 will haul the first part of this weekends CFPS tour to Scotland, the stock leaves Old Oak late Thursday night and recesses at Wembley before running north early Friday morning. The 50 will be detached at Preston and will stable at Warrington.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the planned 'Sulzer Day' at the Great Central Railway on September 4 has been cancelled. Peak D123 will still operate on the diesel diagram on that day and on the Sunday (5th).
The Nene Valley Railway is holding a three day diesel gala on October 8-10 which is hoped to feature the debut of 56057 along with the resident locos and DMU in action. Planned visiting traction is a GBRf 66 & 73. More details will be available nearer the date.
More photos of the 50033 move are here here and here

A small gallery for last weekends gala at the Nene Valley is here


50033 completed its move from Grosmont to Swindon today behind 37197. A photo is here. The loco was delivered to the loco holding sidings and will require road transport over to the museum situated in the former works site. There are reports that the loco will be kept in operational condition rather than be 'stuffed & mounted'.
ELR based Warship D832 is to be the visiting loco for the forthcoming 3-day gala at the Great Central Railway on September 17-19. The lines other diesels will also be in action, although both class 25's are subject to the completion of repairs; 25035 requires the completion of re-wiring and 25265 is undergoing engine repairs. Details here
56057 ran two light engine test runs from Wansford to Yarwell Mill last weekend  with no serious problems and it is expected to undergo a loaded test run in the near future.


50033 is booked to leave the NYMR tomorrow and will be hauled to Swindon by West Coasts 37197. Times are here
Most of the times for this weekends Pathfinder/CFPS tour to Kyle of Lochalsh are here
A timetable and loco roster for next months diesel gala at the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway is here
Recent photos of 31108 31289 33102 37037 40106 56057 added


The Llangollen Railway will be holding a week of diesel only operation starting Monday October 4th culminating in the lines autumn diesel gala. The railways extensive DMU fleet will operate on 'A' timetable for the first four days before loco and coaches take over from Friday. Expected to be in action are 20142 37240 46010 and 47449 plus the lines shunters providing brakevan rides at Llangollen. The restoration of 37901 continues and an engine lift is expected to take place shortly to enable the rebuild of the power unit.
A gallery depicting the overhaul of Mid Hants based 27007 is here
Recent photo of 31130 added


The National Railway Museum will be holding its first Diesel/Electric 'Cab-it' event on November 13&14. The museum has previously held joint steam & diesel events but this will be the first devoted to 'modern' traction and confirmed so far are;

* GBRF 66 on the turntable
* Display of 70+ modern/classic traction nameplates
* Cab access [manned]- Alycidon, Class 31, HST Prototype, EM1 and 4 Cor
* 'Diesel Driver for a fiver' with 08911 in the South Yard
* Class 40, 52 and 20 on service trains (South Yard) with other visiting traction TBC
* Jarvis track machinery and their Sentinel shunter
* DPS Deltic cab simulator
* Trade stalls including; EM2 society, DPS, Pro-cast and others TBC
* Other traction TBC, but more locos planned

Recent photos of 20118 20166 25262 33012 37142 50033 added


The restoration of 37025 is making good progress now that the Bo'ness Diesel Shed is complete and it is hoped to start the 37's engine soon. More details are here. The railways September gala will feature classes 20,26,27 & 47 plus the NBL shunter D2767 which will be in use on the Beer-Ex along with 08433. Freightliners 47197 is also booked to appear. More details here soon
The Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway are holding a Mixed Gala on September 12th which will see 08011, D8568 and 31163 in use along with steam locos and the 'Bubble Car' DMU.
Further photos added to the 50033 farewell gallery and the WSR gallery

Recent photos of 37198 & 37275 added


Photos from the 50033 farewell specials at the NYMR are here
A gallery for the WSR Hydraulic Gala is here

Recent photos of 50031 D1013 and 73006 added


E6006 (73006) has moved from Lydney to the Severn Valley Railway where the loco will now be based along with E6005. Both ED's are also expected to take part in the SVR's diesel gala in October and other confirmed visiting attendees are the NRM's 20050 40122 and D1023 as well as the CFA's 37190.
Two Pathfinder railtours utilising preserved locomotives have been announced; 45112 will work a Newtown to Edinburgh & return on September 18. Details here - this train will be operated by Merlin following a recent change in EWS working practices. The last outing of the year for 40145 is on November 6 with a Crewe to Paddington & return with the outward via Worcester and the WR returning via the MML. Details here
Following the great success of the June event the SDR have given permission for another diesel gala to be held on the South Devon Railway this year. This event will take place on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th November and will feature an all diesel service. This will be the first ever two day event on the line not to feature any steam. The gala is again being run by South Devon Diesel Traction and the Devon Diesel Society and will feature the in house fleet, plus D9525 courtesy of Harry Needle Railroad Company. 20110 is expected to appear ex works at the event in a new livery. All profits from the gala are being put towards the costs of completing the restoration of resident Class 09 09002.
Recent photos of 31101 and 31130 added
Archive views of 31108 33108 33201 46035 D1013 added


This weekend sees the West Somerset Railway hold a diesel weekend with D9526, 33048 and D7017 all booked to be in action, D1010 is still undergoing repairs but could be ready in time to work some trains. Details are here
Barrow Hill based 73119 has been purchased by the Keith & Dufftown Railway Association and is expected to move to Britains most northerly preserved railway sometime during the next month. The ED will initially be used on engineering trains but may well see use on the lines Wine & Dine specials.
Further to the last update regarding 50033 - it now transpires that the 50 will make its move south by rail. Details have not been finalised although it looks likely that the move will take place soon after its last runs on Saturday at the NYMR - the loco will work
the 10.50, 13.50 and 16.50 departures from Grosmont.
The Great Central Railway is to hold a Sulzer Day on Saturday 4th September 2004, featuring D123 and D1705. D123 will be the main loco for the day, but D1705 is to put in several appearances as well. Food and Real Ale will be available on most of the diesel hauled services, and the evening will feature two beerex's top and tailed with D123 and D1705. A proposed timetable is here
A gallery for the recent class 50 railtour has now been added with latest photos highlighted
Further photos added to the Spa Valley gallery and more photos can be seen here
Recent photo of D9551 33012 33102 37255 37263 47117 73101 added


D9000 was last week purchased from the receiver appointed to dispose of DNLL's assets. The new owner is connected to the CFPS and plans are being made to have the necessary repair work carried out before the loco moves to its new home.

31113 has arrived at the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway after removal from Old Oak Common. The loco is initially to provide spares for 31163 and will be cosmetically restored although the long term aim is to return 31113 to working order.

50050 is due to move by rail to the Yeovil Railway Centre in the near future where after necessary p-way work has taken place it is hoped to have the loco under cover for the continuation of its restoration to working order. Once completed the loco will be the centres main exhibit and will also be able to take advantage of the mainline connection for visits to other events.

56057 was successfully started at Wansford on July 31st - two photos are here and here. The loco has since moved under its own power with no major problems although much work needs to be done including sourcing a replacement traction motor, although the loco is able to operate adequately on four traction motors.

The NYMR will be holding a farewell day for 50033 'Glorious' this coming Saturday (14th August). The loco will work
the 10.50, 13.50 and 16.50 departures from Grosmont and the 12.20 and 15.20 departures from Pickering. A handing over ceremony will be held at Grosmont and the locos final train will leave it in position for removal from the railway by road to its new home at the Steam Museum in Swindon.

The repair of D1015's transmission (and associated expenses!) is progressing well at the Voith works in Germany and the overhauled unit is expected to arrive back in the UK in mid September with a projected return to traffic for D1015 of late October. However a decision has been taken to postpone the planned 'Western China Clay' tour until March 2005 although subject to various conditions it is hoped to run a tour with D1015 before the end of the year.

45112 worked an inspection saloon from Crewe to Holyhead and back on the 4th. The outward working went via Birkenhead and can be seen here.

The planned 1960s Gala due to take place at the GCR(N) this coming weekend has been cancelled

Fragonsets 31289 will work all trains at the Northampton & Lamport Railway on Sunday August 22nd. A recent photo of the loco is here. Further news from Pitsford is that the repaint of 27056 is now nearing completion and that the loco will be carrying all over BR green and running as D5401.

Photos from the Spa Valley Railways 'Southern Diesels' Gala are here
Photos of the Pathfinder class 50 hauled railtour to Par are here here here and here

Recent photos of 20189 33117 37003 37275 45112 50044 added along with an archive views of 47401 & 47401


The NRM's newest loco 47798 has become the fifth preserved diesel locomotive to work on the mainline this year. The 'royal' 47 has been acting as standby engine for the York -Scarborough specials with 4472 'Flying Scotsman' and was duly called into action yesterday working one round trip to the seaside resort.
50031 and 50049 worked the Crewe - Old Oak stock move this morning - photos here and here

The NRM's recently acquired shunter 08911 made its preserved passenger debut on Tuesday working the NRM yard shuttles standing in for a failed steam loco.
Recent photos of 20056 & 31207 added and two archive shots of 31162 are here and here


50031 & 50049 will work a Crewe - Old Oak Common ECS Friday morning - proposed times here. This was due to run tomorrow but has been put back a day because of problems with the stock. The locos will then work a Pathfinder Guildford to Par & return charter on Saturday. Times for this and the associated stock moves are here.
Class 14 D9529 latterly working commercially at Chatham Docks has moved to Dagenham Dock where it will be used to shunt trains in connection with the CTRL phase two construction.
Recent photos of 20205 25072 27024 31418 31421 37097 46045 50049 & 56003 added
Archive photos of D832 47643 D1041 & D1041 added


A few photos of the TPWS proving run for 50031 & 50049 along the North Wales coast today are here here here and here
Photos of this weekends gala at the Kent & East Sussex Railway are here
A recent photos of 25191 and 56057 added

Archive photos of 20142 25309 25322 D821 45108 50031 55016 55016 55022 55022 added


20189 has moved from Wabtec at Doncaster to the Wensleydale Railway where the loco will now be based.
The company appointed to dispose of DNLL's main asset - D9000 - has details of the 'item' here


50031 and 50049 will undergo a test run this Monday (19th) and will run from Crewe to Llandudno Junction where the pair will be split with one loco running to Llandudno Town and back with the other doing an out and back to Bangor. The pair will then haul a dead EWS 47 from Llandudno Junction to Warrington before returning to Crewe. Some times are here
Recent photo of D1013 added


Final preparations are being made for the 'Load Bank' gala at the Kent and East Sussex Railway this coming weekend with 08108 33052 33065 73136 and the 'Ford' diesel in service over the weekend. The Highlight of the event will be 33065 and 33052 top and tailing the Saturday night 'Beer-Ex' with 33065 hauling the 7 coach - plus 33052 - up Tenterden bank. Long stored 25244 will also be on display at Tenterden. A timetable for the event is here
'DELTIC' is on the move from York - the prototype loco was noted on the A1(M) at Catterick heading for its new home at the yet to be opened National Railway Museum Annexe at Shildon.
More photos added to the ELR gallery


37075 will see plenty of action in this weekends diesel running day at Ruddington sharing the duties with the lines DMU. 25279 remains out of traffic receiving cab repairs. A timetable is here
33012 will be working some late night trains on 31st July and 7th August in connection with the Swanage firework displays. A timetable for the workings is here
forthcoming 'Southern Diesels Gala' on August 7th & 8th at the Spa Valley Railway will see the railway operating the most intensive timetable in its history. 33063 33065 and 73140 will all be in use along with the class 12 15224. This will be the last chance to sample 33063 on the line for some time as it is due to leave for the East Kent Railway shortly after the gala.
More photos added to the ELR gallery and a further collection is here
Recent photos of D9500 37214 & 50027 added along with archive photos of 25235 27005 31435 33117 & D1041


56057 was moved from Immingham to the Nene Valley Railway on Thursday. Loco details and a photo are here
31270 has moved from the Colne Valley Railway to Peak Rail where the loco will now be based. A photo is here
47839 returned 31271 45041 & 50007 to Butterley today following their week at the East Lancs
The planned engine lift for D1013 took place on Saturday at Bridgnorth with a reconditioned unit lifted in to replace the defective one.
Work will now continue to get the engine operational hopefully in time for the August running day.
Photos from the East Lancs & Barrow Hill galas added
A gallery of the passenger debut of 33019 at the Battlefield Line is here

Recent photos of 31463 45015 45015 & 45125 added


45112 hauled an officers special from Crewe to Carlisle and back yesterday - the outward run was via the WCML and returned via the S&C.
Recent photo of 47640 added


A special train at the Battlefield Line will be running this Saturday in connection with the birthday celebrations of one of the diesel group members. The train will be hauled by either 33019 or 47640 and will leave Shackerstone around 18:00. The train will be available to all in return for a donation - further details are here


The future of 50008 could be looking brighter as there are plans for LNWR to resume work on the loco towards the end of the year with a view to returning it to the mainline, but who will operate the loco remains unclear. Mechanically the 50 is in very good condition having received a reconditioned power unit, although AWS will need to be re-fitted along with TPWS plus some attention cosmetically is required. A recent photo of the loco is here

37198 was moved from Toton to Leeming Bar on the Wensleydale Railway yesterday.
Recent photos of 31101 and 33019 added


Preparations at Bury continue for this weeks gala; 33117 has been repainted - a photo is here and work is continuing in an effort to get 45135 finished in time. D1041 has also been repaired following its failure during its running day on the 26th. 47839 has collected 45041 and 50007 from Butterley today, along with Rivieras 47769 from Toton and 37515 from Barrow Hill the convoy is making its way to Bury this evening.  47769 - the former 47491 - is also expected to be involved in the gala. A photo of the ELR convoy is here
Recent shots of 25278 31271 37254 50049 73006 added and archive shots of D9529 25235 D7017 47402 47643 D1010 D1023 added


37275 made its move to the Wensleydale Railway from Toton last week and joins operational 37003 at the line. A photo is here
47402 will not be taking part in this weeks gala at the East Lancs due to its ongoing repairs however 47839 will attend as it will be the loco bringing in the visiting locos from the MRC. A timetable for the event is here
The Barrow Hill 1979 gala next weekend  will see 73119, 73138 operating the shuttles along with various shunters and visiting engines. Full details are here
A new website promoting Mid Hants based Peak 45132 can be found here

Recent photos of 20056 25244 27066 27066 & 33208 added


56057 has been purchased for preservation and will be moving to the Nene Valley Railway. The loco is currently stored at Immingham depot.
D6700 (37119) has moved by road to the Fragonset workshops at Derby for repairs to the damage caused in last years shunting mishap at Barrow Hill.
73110 has now arrived at the Churnet Valley Railway. The loco is essentially complete but requires some attention to the bogies before it can be made operational. Photo and loco details are here
The low power problems that have hampered the repair of 50050 have been traced to the KV10 control card. This was the suspected cause and a common problem on the class, the KV10 has now been removed and sent away for refurbishment. The loco will soon be moving away from Tyseley and an offer of a new home has been received although other offers will be considered.
A revised timetable & loco roster for this weekends 'Traction in Transit' gala at the Llangollen Railway is here. The revision is because of points problems at Deeside resulting in all trains having to pass at Glyndyfrdwy.
Recent photos of 20169 25059 37003 added along with archive views of 20189 D7017 D1010 D1023 D1023 and 55019


33065 has moved from the East Kent Railway to the Kent & East Sussex Railway for the lines gala next month. A photo of the loco after arrival is here. 73136 underwent a successful test run on Friday - photos are here and here - working a loaded run from Rolvenden to Bodiam and then back to Tenterden.
33111 has moved under its own power at Barrow Hill - its first movement in preservation - the loco moved on the turntable and took a trip up to the top of the Springwell Branch. Photos are here and here
A few photos of 50033's recent outing at the NYMR are here here here here and  here. The railway is cashing in on the locomotives popularity due to its impending incarceration in Swindon and 'Glorious' now has two more dates on 24 July and 14 August.
A recent photo of 56097 is here and a gallery depicting the locos restoration is here
A gallery for the Dean Forest Railway charity gala is here


The Western Locomotive Association have successfully purchased D1013 from Western Ranger Ltd following an appeal launched in March and the locomotive will continue to operate on the Severn Valley Railway along with D1062. An engine change is also due to take place on July 11 as Ranger has been running on one engine so far this year.
56023 has now arrived at Booths in Rotherham for scrapping and is now removed from this site.
Another loco deleted from the site is 31442 which has been swapped by the Churnet T&RS group for 73110. The 31 arrived at Booths Scrapyard today from the Churnet Valley Railway with 73110 due to be moving in the other direction.
47401 completed its move to Butterley from Toton today behind 37057. A photo of the loco at Toton is here
45112 was used for a route learning special today, running as 0Z45 the Peak ran from Derby to Birmingham International and back via Oxley and Stafford.
The visiting preserved locos for the East Lancs summer diesel gala are to be
31271, 45041, 50007 with HNRC 37515 also planned to attend. Locos from Freightliner and possibly DRS are expected for the weekend days of the gala. As per usual the various days will be themed - further details are here.
Recent photos of 20020 33052 37003 added


66544 hauled 55002 from Doncaster Works to Barrow Hill yesterday where the loco will now be stored in the DPS shed until such a time that work can re-commence on its restoration. Photos here and here
56003 has left Booths yard in Rotherham and was delivered to MOD Ashchurch yesterday with 56023 planned to go in the other direction - if it hasnt already..
Fragonset owned 73107, which was returned to operational condition at Peak Rail last year, has been moved to Derby and is now removed from this site. However 33019 has left storage at Derby RTC for the Battlefield line where it is planned to return the loco to operational condition. It will be the Cromptons second loan spell at a preserved railway having been at Bo'ness when owned by HNRC. Photos and details are here
The visiting locos from last weekends Worth Valley gala were hauled to the East Lancs on Monday afternoon where 24054 D832 & 31271 were deposited before 47401 continued on behind 37670. The 47 will be returned to Butterley although was reported on Toton depot earlier today. Further highlighted photos added to the Worth Valley gallery
K&ESR new arrival 73136 was started up at Rolvenden yesterday and a loaded test run is now being arranged. More photos of the loco are here and here
A timetable with loco diagrams for this weekends gala at the Dean Forest Railway can be downloaded here
Photos and details for 37198 37275 & 73129 added
Recent photos of 26038 37037 47117 47117 47117 47367 50027 D1013 added
Archive photos of D7017 40145 D1010 D1023 55009 added


37198 and 37275 have been sold for preservation in the latest round of EWS sales with initial reports suggesting that the locos will be based at the Wensleydale Railway. Both locos are stored at Toton.
73136 arrived at the  Kent & East Sussex Railway on Friday after removal from Booths scrapyard and work will now concentrate on getting the loco ready for the lines diesel gala on 17 & 18 July. Photos and details here

D9504 has departed Wansford for further contract work; the loco is now based at Swanscombe CTRL depot in Kent to cover for the failure of the Austrian-built yard pilot. A photo is here
73101 was started and ran under its own power at Lydney on Wednesday and will now be standby loco at this coming weekends charity gala
Bodmin & Wenford Railway based 37142 was started for the first time in preservation on Saturday - a photo is here - the start-up was a success and work will now continue with a view to getting the loco serviceable for the lines September diesel gala.
37215 will be hauling the Toddington - Winchcombe shuttles during the 1970's Transport Day at the GWR on 27 June - departures from Toddington will be
1040, 1155, 1305, 1415 & 1525.
A gallery for the Worth Valley gala is here

Recent photos of 31101 33012 33052 33208 37032 40106 47117 47640 50027 added


37670 will be the visiting EWS loco for this weekends Keighley & Worth Valley Gala and is allocated to haul 31271 and 47401 from Butterley to Keighley. 24054 and D832 have made the move by road. Two DRS locos are also booked to arrive at the line today.
31108 and 40106 are in action at the Nene Valley 'Rail Mail 2004' event this weekend. A timetable and loco roster is here
A photo of a restored E6006 (73006) is here. The loco will be taking part in the Dean Forest Railways 'Anything Goes' gala along with 27066 on 26th & 27th June after which it is expected to join 73005 at the Severn Valley Railway.
73128 has had its engine successfully started at the Chasewater Railway although further electrical work is required before the loco will be able to move under its own power.
The planned July 17/18 diesel gala at the GCR(N) will be downgraded to a diesel running day involving 37075 and the lines DMU because of problems arranging visiting locos along with 25279 being out of service undergoing bodywork repairs.
A further photo of the York - Barrow Hill move is here
A recent photo of 25057 added along with archive views of 27066 D821 45125 45133 45135 & D1010


An agreement has been reached with the owners of 56097 and the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) for 56097 to be based on the line. The locomotive is currently under restoration at Cardiff Cathays and is expected to make the move later this year. Restoration will be completed at Ruddington with the 56 expected to be hauling trains in 2005.
55002 has undergone a successful safety exam at Wabtec and will be moved by rail to Barrow Hill on 23rd June. The movement will be undertaken by Freightliner.
Due to fire risk all trains on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway will be diesel hauled between Goathland and Levisham until further notice/until it rains. 45133 is currently the loco performing this task.
Further South Devon galleries can be found here & here

More photos of Mondays NRM - Barrow Hill convoy are here here and here
Additional photos of 20050 50007 DELTIC added along with archive views of 40145 and D1015


33117 has returned to use after year long mechanical repairs. The loco worked last Saturdays diesel diagram at the East Lancs. Photos are here and here
Following display at Railfest 31271 was towed to Buttlerley yesterday as part of a light engine move to Barrow Hill including EM2 27000, 84001 and 56006. The 31 was detached at the MRC before the rest continued onto Barrow Hill hauled by 66703. A photo is here. The EM2 will star in the roundhouses recreation of the Willesden 1954 exhibition later in the year whilst the 56 is to join 31110 and 58001 on long term loan from EWS.
Class 11 shunter 12061 which has been out of use at the Gwili Railway for a number of years was transported to Peak Rail last Friday where it will be restored by the Heritage Shunters Trust.
Photos of the South Devon Railway Diesel Gala are here

Recent photos of 31203 33012 33065 33110 47798 50044 added along with an archive view of 55022


Deltic 9000 Locomotives Limited (DNLL) sent letters to shareholders today informing them that the company has gone into voluntary liquidation. The companies main asset - D9000 Royal Scots Grey - will be sold to the highest bidder. The other loco in the DNLL fleet - 50050 - will now be solely in the care of the D400 Fund and current plans for the loco remain unchanged.
73128 arrived at the Chasewater Railway yesterday having been shipped by road from Booths scrapyard in Rotherham. A photo is here


37037 has completed its journey by road from Barrow Hill to Buckfastleigh and moved under its own power in the confines of the station shortly after unloading from the road trailer. Further test runs are planned for today and if all goes well the loco will be taking part in the diesel gala this weekend. A photo of 37037 in transit is here and after arrival here
73136 which is currently residing at Booths scrapyard has been purchased privately for preservation and its first public appearance will be at the Kent & East Sussex Railway diesel gala next month although the loco will not be based at the railway.
Photo of 73139 added


50044 underwent a test run on the Severn Valley Railway on Saturday having been hauled there by A4 60009 last Wednesday.
Two views of the bodywork restoration currently being undertaken on Spa Valley based 73140 are here and here
Additional photos added to the Railfest gallery


A gallery for the Railfest event is here
Photo and details for 47798 added
Recent photos of 27024 and 27066 added plus a view of Sea Containers owned 50008


73129 has been purchased for preservation from Booths scrapyard and was moved to the MOD base at Ashchurch last week for restoration to working order.
73101 has moved from Hither Green to the Dean Forest Railway at Lydney. A photo is here
50044 has moved from Old Oak Common to the Severn Valley Railway where the loco will be based for the rest of the year.
Two photos of the interior of 56097 are here and here. The photos should be compared to this image which was taken just over 12 months ago following the power unit lift.
The new power unit (ex-56047) is currently being overhauled off site and the power unit from 097 will be held in reserve. In the meantime testing of the electrical system has begun, with no problems encountered so far and work is also underway on the overhaul of the replacement bogies (ex-56080).
A gallery of the recent South Devon Railway 1950's Gala can be found here
More highlighted photo additions have been made to this years MHR gallery

Recent photos of D9525 20188 20188 25035 31018 37188 44008 45041 47117 47540 50027 added

The website has had further technical data added to the 'Engines' section - many thanks to all who responded to my emails over the last month or so..


45112 will not be hauling the diesel legs of the The Cornubian railtour tomorrow and Monday - an EWS 67 will now work the trains along with the booked steam locos.


Another ED heading to preservation is Pullman liveried 73101 which has been purchased by a member of the Dean Forest Diesel Association. The loco is currently stored at Hither Green but will be moved to the Dean Forest Railway in due course. 73006 which is currently under restoration at Lydney will join E6005 at the Severn Valley Railway when work is complete.
31271 will be named
'Stratford 1840 - 2001' next Monday at York as part of the Railfest celebrations.


73128 has been purchased privately for preservation from Booths Scrapyard. The ED will be moved to the Chasewater Railway in the next couple of weeks where missing parts will be sourced to enable the loco to be returned to working order. Photo and details are here
GBRf 66713 collected EM2 27000 and 31271 from the MRC and then called into Barrow Hill to collect 84001 and 55009 before hauling the ensemble to York for the Railfest event. Photos are here and here
D9525 was picked up by road from the Battlefield Line today and will be delivered to the South Devon Railway tomorrow where it will remain on loan for the summer. Its first public appearance will be at the railways Branch Line Gala this weekend.
33021, 33108 and 45060 were moved up to Leicester from Old Oak Common yesterday and are all allocated to move onto Barrow Hill at some point.

The NYMR have announced two running days in June for Swindon bound 50033, the loco will work two round trips on the 13th and 27th. Departures from Grosmont will be 1050 and 1550.
North Norfolk Railway based 37032 has suffered generator failure and will be out of action until the fault has been assessed and repaired. 25057 will cover its booked diagrams during June and July. See
The Gen Page for dates.
Additional galleries for the Mid Hants Gala can be found here and here


HNRC have confirmed to the recent sales into preservation of 37214 and 37242. Both locos are currently at Barrow Hill.
Following the Mid Hants Gala 33021, 33108, 45060 and 50044 were all moved to Old Oak Common by 47355 on Monday. 50044 is due to move to the Severn Valley Railway this week to continue running in after lengthy repairs.
Additional highlighted photos added to the MHR and 40145 galleries
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47798 which is currently undergoing a repaint at Toton is due to be handed over to the National Railway Museum during the Railfest event and becomes the first Sulzer engined loco to be preserved at the museum.
55002 will be moved to the DPS depot at Barrow Hill for secure undercover storage as part of a deal that will see D9009 remain on display at the NRM after the this months Railfest events. More details are here
Photos of the Mid Hants gala are here & photos of the 40145 railtour are


The final line up for this weekends gala at the Mid Hants is as follows; 33021, 33103, 33108, 33208, 45060, 47355, 50044, 73104 & 73139. Fragonsets 47355 hauled 45060 from Barrow Hill collecting 50044 from Old Oak Common with 33103 dispatched to Hither Green to collect 33021 & 33108 both of which had been stored there since the new year. All locos arrived late tonight. Not featuring is Cotswold Rails 47316 - which is out of service at Merehead and GBRf 73205 which although on site has failed with an engine defect. Also taking part is 'Thumper' unit 205025 which arrived from Selhurst on Tuesday - photos are here and here
Times for the Western Whistler tour with 40145 can be found here
A recent photo of D9551 added


Provisional timetables for this weekends Mid Hants Gala are here
Times for 40145 on Friday are here
A website detailing the work to date carried out on Lydney based 37263 is here

Recent photos of D8233 20094 D7076 45060 and 55016 added


The defective transmission in D1015 was removed from the loco over two days at the end of April and is due to leave for Germany this week. Also receiving attention is the dynostarter & preheater along with 'A' engine flywheel. The work was carried out at the First Great Western heavy maintenance facility at Old Oak Common. Work has also started on rebuilding the locos spare engine. Some photos of the recent work are here here here and here
20094 has now left the Churnet Valley Railway for an unknown destination, the locomotive was stripped of various parts including the bogies before departure.


The restoration of 26040 continues apace since its move away from Methil Power Station and was started up on Sunday - the first time since 1992 but due to problems with the fuel system it was only possible to keep the engine running for short periods. The start up highlighted a few more faults that need to be rectified before a second attempt is made. A photo is here
D832 left Bury by road on Tuesday and is now at the NRM for display at the Railfest event. The Warship will then travel to Keighley for the KWVR gala before returning to the ELR.
A charter on the Swanage Railway utilising 33012 has been arranged for the 11th June with departures from Swanage at
0920, 1030, 1140, 1250, 1400, 1510, 1620, 1730. More details can be found here
Recent photos of D9526 46010 & 46010 added


D9520 has moved from Ruddington to the Nene Valley Railway at Wansford for further restoration as well as fitting with air brakes.
20094, once preserved at Barrow Hill, has been moved to the Churnet Valley Railway. The loco was sold to DRS in 2001 by its then owning group - The Class 20 Workgroup.
The timetable for the Growler Groups 'Dee Valley Growler' charter next Sunday is here. Tickets are available to non members at £20 - payable on the train
D1705 (47117) will be named 'Sparrowhawk' in a ceremony at the GCR on 19th June and will then work four departures from Loughborough. The loco carried a painted version of the name whilst a Tinsley engine during the early nineties.
27066 and 73006 are due to appear in the Dean Forest Railways 'Anything Goes' gala on 26/27 June.
Photos of the West Somerset Gala are here. Unfortunately D7523 (25173) suffered a seized turbo on Friday so missed the rest of the gala. Further WSR pics are here and here
Recent photos of 20110 20177 25057 31207 33052 37037 added


The line-up for this weekends West Somerset Gala has changed again, the Wessex Trains 31's will no longer be taking part however both operational Fragonset 33's (33103 & 202) will now be present and are currently en-route being hauled by 66716 which will also be working trains over all three days. EWS also now intend to supply a class 37.
37197 will now substitute for a class 50 on the diesel hauled sections of the 'City of Truro' Railtours between Bristol & Kingswear this coming Saturday & Monday.
Galleries of the Bo'ness Gala and the Caledonian Railway Gala added
Recent photo of 31255 added


The Wessex Trains class 31's are a late addition to the line up for the West Somerset Railway Diesel Gala along with a Fragonset 33. Sadly it seems unlikely that D1010 will be operational due to a brake fault.
The 'Solent Syphon' railtour due to run in conjunction with the Mid Hants Gala has been cancelled due to low bookings.
D9525 will move from the Battlefield Line to the South Devon Railway shortly and will remain on the line to attend galas through May & June. It will the first appearance of a preserved '14' on the line.
Photos from this weekends 'Scottish' Galas can be found here and a gallery of the ELR 'Thomas' weekend are here
Recent photos of 25283 and 26024 added


44004 and 50007 completed their moves to Butterley today having been towed over from Barrow Hill by 37261. The movements also conveyed West Coasts 47245 which is now on its way to Carnforth having been stored at Barrow Hill.
The 'Thomas' Gala at the East Lancs this weekend sees no less thank six diesel locos in action. Full details here
The first 'full' diesel gala at the West Somerset Railway for five years takes place next weekend. The three day event will see visiting mainline locos working alongside the home fleet. More details are here
Photo and details for 47492 added
A photo of 25083 taken today added along with a archive photo of D1010


As a result of signalling problems the light engine move conveying 44004 and 50007 from Grosmont to Butterley was over seven hours late start and in the event terminated short at Barrow Hill this evening due to a coolant leak on 37261 which has remained with the MRC bound locos whilst 37197 ran light to Crewe. A photo of the ensemble is here


44004 and 50007 are booked to leave Grosmont tomorrow morning for Butterley - times here - 50033 will remain behind and will be removed by road to Swindon at a later date. A farewell run is a possibility..
Devon bound 37037 was started for the first time at Barrow Hill on 16th April and is on target to be moved south in time for the South Devon Railway Diesel Gala in June. A subsequent start up is pictured here
The is an alteration to the bus service supporting the Caledonian Railway gala this weekend - details here
Additional highlighted photos added to the NYMR gallery

Recent photos of 33063 33063 37032 added along with archive shots of 40145 D1010 D1013 D1023 and 55019


47192 took its first moves under its own power for some time at Cheddleton yesterday, although one faulty traction motor was discovered and this was isolated until parts can be sourced. Work will now concentrate on cleaning up the inside of the loco along with external bodywork restoration.
Fragonset owned 47640 worked its first train at the Battlefield Line on Sunday when it worked one round trip paired with a 31. Photos of the gala are here
A photo of EM2 27000 being repainted for display at the NRM Railfest is here. The loco will move from Butterley when completed and following exhibition in York is expected to move to Barrow Hill to take part in a gala later in the year.
Photos of the NYMR gala are here and two photos from the Shunter Gala at Peak Rail are here

Recent photos of D9531 25057 25265 31435 31435 31435 37087 47402 47402 47402 50050 and 73005 added


Due to a generator fault on North Norfolk Railway based D6732 (37032) the following diesel turns at the railway will be covered by D5207 (25057) :- 24th April, 8th May and 24th May.
31255 gets its first workings of the year next weekend at the Colne Valley Railway, working services on Sunday 2nd May. The loco is also booked to work on the following dates 25 July, 1, 15, 22, 29 August & 19 September.
A photo of the NYMR convoy yesterday is here

Recent photo of 47192 added


44004 and 50007 have arrived at York NRM and will continue to Grosmont along with 50033 this morning behind 37197 and 37261.
47640 was started at Shackerstone yesterday and is the first time the engine has run since 2000. There are still a few problems to sort out but it is still hoped to have the loco in action at the Gala this weekend.
The owner of Ruddington based 08885 (D4115) has sold the loco to a mainline operating company so as a result  the GCR(N) 
would be pleased to hear from anyone who would be interested in bringing a Class 03 or Class 08 to the railway. Please mail me and I will pass on your details.
The provisional line up of visiting locos for the East Lancs July gala is 31271 & 45041 from the MRC and HNRC locos 20168, 37214 & 37510 from Barrow Hill. Further additions are expected from the various mainline fleets.
The former Southampton Docks class 07 shunter D2994 (07010) sees regular use at the Avon Valley Railway. A recent photo of the loco in action is here
Recent photos of 25185 25185 added as well as archive views of 27056 and 47402


44004 and 50007 are due to leave the GCR(N) today after a successful extended visit, the locos will  be collected by Rileys 37197 and 37261 and taken to the NYMR via York NRM to collect 50033. Times are here. Another loco due to leave Ruddington is D9520 which is to move to the Nene Valley Railway for the completion of its restoration and fitting of air brakes. The GCR(N) is negotiations to bring a Class 33 and a Class 45 to the line for the gala in the summer.
Since its arrival at the Churnet Valey Railway D1842 (47192) has had the water system repaired and electrical equipment inspected and cleaned. The power unit was barred over and as no problems were encountered the locomotive was started on the 18th and ran for around 10 minutes. Further remedial work was carried out and the power unit was allowed to run for longer with no problems apparent. The groups next step is to inspect the traction motors with a view to the 47 moving under its own power for the first time this week following over eight years of storage.
31327 will be in action at the Strathspey Railway on 1st May. Details are here

A few photos from last months gala at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway are here
A recent photo of 33048 is


25083 was started up at Brechin on Saturday and the engine was run without problems -it was the first time the power unit had been started since July 9th 1984! Photos are here here and here. The diesel group are now working flat out to get the loco working for the Caledonian Railway Diesel Gala.
The Pathfinder tour to West Wales due to be hauled by 50031 and/or 50049 on 24th April has been cancelled because of pathing problems on the outward leg. The two locos remain at LNWR Crewe undergoing work to install TPWS.
37904 and 56023 are to be sent to Booth Roe in Rotherham for scrap as part of the deal to secure 56003 for preservation. 37904 was always unlikely to be restored and has provided parts for the restoration of 37901, whilst it was originally intended to restore 56023 the loco was subsequently found to be in very poor condition.
Timetables and loco diagrams for the NYMR diesel gala are now on the NYMR Diesel website - click the 'gala' link at the top of the page.
Details for this weekends gala at the Battlefield Line can be found here. Unfortunately 37227 will not be appearing but work is still ongoing in an effort to get 47640 serviceable for the event.
A gallery of the Diesel Gala at the East Somerset Railway is here
Recent photos of 55019 and 73138 added


The locos attending this weekends East Somerset Gala are Fragonsets 31128 and 31452 with 37674 supplied by EWS. Cotswold Rails 47365 will not be ready to take part in the event.
The final visiting loco for the NYMR gala will be 50033 which could be the locos last workings for some time before it goes on static display at the Swindon Steam museum. The 50 is expected to move by rail in the same convoy that  takes 44004 and 50007 from the GCR(N).
The Mid Hants Railway have acquired 2-car 'Thumper' unit 205025 from Porterbrook and it is expected to arrive at the line in time to take part in the diesel gala next month.
More photos added to the D7018 overhaul gallery

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44004 has its last outing at the GCRN this weekend working four trips from Ruddington to Rushcliffe this Sunday (18th). The peak will leave next week to attend the NYMR gala along with 50007 before both return to Butterley after the gala.
Addition photos added to the SDR gallery
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Archive views of D832 D832 47701 50044 50049 D1013 and D1023 added


D9504 left Whitemoor Yard last Thursday and was moved by road to Wansford at the Nene Valley Railway for engine repairs. The yard pilot duties are now in the hands of a Cotswold Rail 08 shunter.
D7535 (25185) gets its annual passenger outing this weekend (17/18 April) as part of the P&DSR's 'Thomas' event. The 25 will work the
11.15, 12.45 & 14.45 departures from Paignton Queens Park.
A few photos depicting work ongoing by the ELR diesel group are here here and here
A gallery of the South Devon Railway Easter gala is here
Recent photos of 24054 25057 25321 33063 33110 33110 47117 added
Archive photos of D832 50049 D1013 and 55022 added


HNRC has sold 37227 to a member of the Shackerstone Diesel Group so the Shackerstone based locos future is now assured as a preserved locomotive.
Due to ongoing repairs D1013 will not be able to attend the Mid Hants Gala but arrangements have been made for 33021 and 33108 to attend and subject to availability GBRf ED 73205 and a Fragonset 47 will also take part
Additional photos added to the 7018 Overhaul gallery
Recent photo of 24054 added


A gallery for the 45112 charter is here
Photos and details for 56003 added along with recent photos of 45041 47105 47401 and archive shots of 24054 40145 50015


The SulzerFest Gala at the Caledonian Railway on Sunday & Monday 2-3 May will see regular performers 26014 26035 and 27024 in action. It is also hoped that the challenging restoration of 25083 will be completed in time to make its preservation debut at the event. 25072 and 37097 currently under restoration will be on display.
The Diesel Gala at the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway the same weekend at the Caledonian will see a steam loco also filling in on some turns because of a diesel loco shortage at Bo'ness. This is due in main to other commitments being attended to by the diesel group namely winter track laying as well as the continued development of the new diesel depot.
Due to low bookings anyone intending to travel on the Mid Hants Gala mini tour - The Solent Syphon - are advised to book in advance to ensure that the first mainline passenger run behind a HNRC loco takes place. Details are here
Further highlighted photos have now been added to the 7018 overhaul gallery

Recent photos of 37108 37165 and 37904 added


47192 (D1842) has today left the Crewe Heritage Centre for its new home at the Churnet Valley Railway. The loco will be in the care of a group called Staffordshire Type Four Limited who will operate the loco for an initial period of two years with the intention of hiring out the loco to other preserved railways in the future.
24054 (D5054) is currently en-route from the East Lancs to the Embsay Steam Railway for a short visit. The 24 will also attend the KWVR gala in June before returning to Bury.
45112 undertook a successful test run from Derby to Clay Cross and back this afternoon to test the newly installed TPWS gear prior to this Thursdays MML charter.
Recent photos of 24054 33102 47367 and 47367 added


56003 has been bought for preservation from Booths scrapyard by an established loco owner. Arrangements are being made for its removal from the Rotherham yard.
The confirmed line-up for this months NYMR diesel gala will be 44004 and 50007 visiting from Ruddington as well as Ian Rileys 37197 & 37261 plus possibly another visiting loco. These are in addition to the lines operational home fleet of 24061 25278 and 45133.
Photos from the weekends gala at the Midland Railway Butterley are here

Recent photos of 37003 and 37263 added


D9016 was hauled from Southall to Tyseley yesterday afternoon by 57601. The Deltic is now expected to undergo an engineering assessment.
47401 has been repaired and will now take part in this weekends gala at the MRC alongside 25321, 37190, 45041. An EWS 37 (provisionally 37057) will also be working trains. Details are here


D9016 has undergone an FTR exam at Southall and is expected to be hauled to its new base of Tyseley in the next few days.
The DEPG successfully undertook the lift on Hymek D7018 on Monday with the loco now sitting on stands and the running gear now in the shed for overhaul. Photos are here here & here. A gallery depicting the work on the loco to date is here
The scrapping of 50023 has been completed at Barrow Hill. 'Howe' becomes the second 50 to be scrapped following initial preservation, the other being 50043 which was cut up at Blaenavon during 2002 to provide parts for 50026.
Due to continuing work on 50031 & 50049 at Crewe neither will be available to haul this Saturdays Pathfinder tour from Worcester to Canterbury.
The South Devon Railway Easter Gala on April 11 & 12 will see all the lines operation diesel locos working alongside the steam fleet and following the recent completion of repairs to Nursery Pool Bridge the event will now also feature the two 20's working in multiple. Full details and working timetables can be found here

Further (highlighted) photos have been added to the GCR 1960's Gala gallery
Recent photos of 20188 27066 33012 33012 33012 33034 and 37201 added


50023 has been moved into position for scrapping at Barrow Hill and the work is expected to start shortly. A photo is here
45112 has had TPWS equipment installed at Derby and is expected to make some test runs prior to working the MML specials next month.


The DEPG's D7018 will be lifted from its bogies on tomorrow. The Hymek which is undergoing an overhaul has already had its engine lifted out and this next stage will allow work to start on the bogies, air and fuel tanks also whilst the loco is on stands the underside will be shot blasted and repainted. A photo of the loco being prepared for lifting is here
The owner of D1013 has decided to sell the loco and has given the Western Locomotive Association the option of owning the loco outright. The WLA are currently running an appeal to raise the necessary funds.
37003 completed a loaded test run from Leeming Bar to Redmire and back on the Wensleydale Railway yesterday.

A provisional loco roster for the Diesel Gala at the Midland Railway Centre next month is here
Times for the 45112 specials out of St Pancras are here
Photos of the GCR 1960's gala are here
Archive photo of D832 added


To mark the closure of the Barlow Trainshed at St Pancras station, Midland Mainline are running some special services on 8th April utilising 45112 and a class 47. The four trains will be (times to be confirmed) ;
1Z44 0810 Derby- St Pancras - Class 47 (with Class 45 on rear), 1Z45 1037 St Pancras - Leicester - Class 45  (with class 47on rear), 1Z46 1322 Leicester - St Pancras Class 45 (with Class 47 on rear) & 1Z47 1540 St Pancras -Derby - Class 47 (with Class 45 on rear). Special fares apply on some trains. Further details when known.
A timetable for this weekends diesel gala at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway is here

A further addition to the line up for the Mid Hants diesel gala in May is a 'no heat' Cotswold Rail 47.
Recent photos of 37240 46010 and 47449 added


East Kent Railway based 33065 will be visiting the Kent & East Sussex for their Diesel Gala in July. The organisers of this event still hope to add another visiting loco to the bill. After the KESR gala 33065 will move the the Spa Valley Railway to take part in lines August gala.
An appeal from the Class 47 Locomotive Group is here
Gala weekend photos from the East Lancs and Mid Norfolk Railway added
Recent photos of 25083 and 73140 added


Photos of last Sundays 45118 charter at the Northampton & Lamport Railway are here here and here
Recent photos of 24054 27056 27066 31203 31289 & 37263 added


As part of the Swanage Railway members weekend D6512 (33012) will be in action working the 1105, 1250 & 1435 departures from Swanage on 27th & 28th March. Normal fares apply to non-members.


Porterbrook have sold D9016 to a private individual because DNLL have been unable to keep up with the monthly re-payments. Further details on this and other DNLL matters are here
A timetable of this coming weekends Hydraulic Event at the East Lancs is here. The event continues overnight with 40135 providing the power before D1041 & D5054 share the workings a steam loco on Sunday.
Preliminary plans for the May diesel gala at the West Somerset Railway will see three EWS locos and a GBRf 66 compliment(?) the home fleet. At least one of the EWS locos is expected to be a class 37.

Photos of the GWR gala are here
A recent photo of D9526 added


As a result of a change in circumstance the owner of 50023, which was in the process of a lengthy restoration project at Barrow Hill, has sold the loco to HNRC who will dispose of the stripped shell for scrap in the near future. A sad end for a loco that spent several years languishing in Booths scrapyard prior to removal to the roundhouse in 2000.


40013 which is undergoing overhaul at Barrow Hill has had the power unit lifted out to facilitate a full rebuild of the engine and work will also continue on refurbishing the loco internally. A photo of the lift carried out by HNRC is here
Winter repair work on 50035 has unearthed a partial earth fault on the locos main generator. This may well take all of 2004 to repair so it is unlikely that Ark Royal will work on the SVR this year. It is planned to locate one of the other Fifty Fund locos on the railway during the year to operate the 50 diagrams. Details have yet to be finalised.
50042 and 33110 will take part in the Bodmin & Wenford Diesel Day on 27th March along with newly repainted 08444.  Details are here
20227 and an EWS 37 are planned to appear alongside the operational home fleet at the Midland Railway Centre gala on 3/4 April. More details nearer the date.


The DTG will remove the defective transmission from D1015 over the next couple of weeks and it will be going directly to Voith in Germany for overhaul to a standard of 4,000 operating hours. The work at Voith is expected to take 14-16 weeks and once refitted, subject to testing, the loco will return to service towards the end of the year.
The Pathfinder tour that was due to take 40145 from Newport to Blaenau in May has been cancelled because of damage to the Blaenau branch line following flooding. An alternative tour will now run - 'The Western Whistler' details are here
The GCR diesels have been successfully de-winterised including a new set of batteries fitted to D1705 which along with D5830, 37255 and D8098 underwent a test run last Saturday. Photo here

Recent photos of 25283 D1048 D1048 and 73002 added


The Mid Norfolk Railway Gala later this month will feature resident locos 20069 31235 50019 with visiting locos in the shape Cotswold Rails 47316 and Freightliner operated 47847. More details are here
The Great Central Railway is holding a 1960's Gala on 27/28 March which will feature three diesels  - the 31, 45 & 47 plus a DMU - and will be the first event at the line to make full use of the new award winning Quorn signalling scheme which has increased capacity on the line and allows for over fifty trains to operate during each day. There will also be a mini diesel gala on Friday the 26th. Details of both of these events is here


Photos from the Llangollen Gala are here
Recent photos of 25072 31101 37227 & 37254 added


This weekend sees a two day gala at the Llangollen Railway, sadly 37901 will not be ready for the event but the lines DMU's feature heavily including the newly restored Class 109 Wickham unit. A timetable and loco roster is here
The Growler Group are running a charter utilising Llangollen's 37240 on 16th May. The day will feature almost 100 miles of 37 haulage and is open to non members as well. A booking form is here
Recent photos of 37264 40118 47596 & 47596 added


25072 has been delivered to the Caledonian Railway at Brechin and is now in the care of the Caledonian Railway Diesel Group. The essentially complete loco will be cosmetically restored pending electrical repairs. A photo of the 25 being unloaded this afternoon is here
A view of the work on 31271 is here. The loco has had 10 holes in the bodywork replated, all 4 handrail recesses rebuilt from new and is now in 90% primer. It will be painted in Construction livery in early May. Work will also continue on a bogie swap for 31418 although the engine change will not take place until next year.
Recent photo of 24054 added


Following discussions with the owners and the ELR diesel group 27066 left the East Lancs last Wednesday and was moved by road to the Dean Forest Railway. The loco has not been in full health since arriving at Bury last summer and despite the best efforts of a busy diesel group it was mutually decided to move the loco to the DFDA base at Lydney for full mechanical restoration a little earlier than originally planned. A photo of the loco is here
31207 was collected from Old Oak Common and delivered to the North Norfolk Railway on Thursday. The loco is not expected to present a major restoration challenge as it was simply switched off by EWS just over three years ago. Photo and details are here
25072 left the Dartmoor Railway last week and was later seen heading northwards on the M6.
Following repairs to GCR based ED E6003 the loco will be undergoing a test run paired with D8098 on the 1300 departure from Loughborough on the 29th.
Photos and details for 47365 added and recent photos of 25321 31421 33201 45041 46045 55022 added

A correction..
With regard to the update below on D8056. I have been advised that there are no plans to end the locos hire at Lafarge and there have not been any complaints from local residents regarding the locomotives exhaust note. Apologies for any confusion on this matter.


Cotswold Rail owned 47365 was moved to the East Somerset Railway on Tuesday having been in storage at the CR base at Moreton in Marsh. The loco is to be made operational and the railway hope to be able to use it on train services although this has yet to be fully agreed with the owners.
Two photos of D8056 at work at Lafarge are here and here. It is expected that the loco will end its period of hire shortly. The have also been complaints from local residents that the loco is too noisy!
A timetable for the three day gala at the GWR in March is here

The South Devon Railway diesels get a run out as part of the lines Transport Gala on April 11&12. Details here
Recent photos of 20110 & 20118 plus archive photo of 50002


Due to ongoing repairs 50035 will not be attending the Mid Hants gala. Its place will be taken by one of the other Fifty Fund operated locos - hopefully D444 if its own repairs are completed in time.
31207 has been purchased from EWS
on behalf of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society (M&GNJRS) and will be based at the North Norfolk Railway. The loco is expected to arrive at Weybourne in the next few weeks.
WCRC owned 57601 makes its debut for Garsdale Railtours on 14 February with the 'St Valentines Day Pullman'. Standard class tickets are still available for £39. More details call
Garsdale Railtours on 01539 620586.
Recent photos of D9523 40135 40135 and 50050 added along with archive shots of 20087 33052 D7076 plus another shot of the DEPG Sentinel


The GCR Sulzer Special which was originally planned for 20th February has been postponed until 5th March, although the 5305LA website has yet to be updated to reflect this. Please contact the GCR on 01509 230726 to confirm the event before traveling.
The DPS AGM will take place in Derby on 6th March. Once formal business has been concluded non DPS members will be able to participate. Details here

One of the smaller DEPG locos celebrated its 40th birthday away from the railway today, former Manchester Ship Canal Sentinel loco DH16 had an outing to Bristol Docks
Archive photos of D9537 D9539 D9553 and 33052 added


End of the Line reports the sale of 31207 by EWS into preservation at the North Norfolk Railway. The loco is currently at Old Oak Common.
The owners of Colne Valley based 31270 have reached an agreement with Peak Rail for the loco to go on loan to the line. It is expected to move from Hedingham in the spring.
The locos due to be in use at the ELR Sulzer Day on 21st February are 24054, 27103 & 45135. Freightliner have been asked to provide locos as well. Repairs to 47402 are still not complete so it is unlikely that this loco will be ready in time.
The HNRC 37 attending the Mid-Hants gala will be either 37194 or 37515. The fare for the 'Solent Syphon' mini tour will be £25 for the tour only or £35 which includes a Saturday gala rover ticket if booked in advance. Details here

Preserved diesel locomotives due to take part in the week long Railfest exhibition at the National Railway Museum during May & June are the NRM's own 20050 and 40122 along with the DPS's 55009 and 31271 from A1A locomotives. Electric traction will be represented by EM2 27000, E5001 and 84001. EWS will also be providing stored locos 56006, 58001 and a 'Royal' 47.
Recent photos of D9504 D9529 and 47640 added
Archive photos of 24081 25265 25279 25313 45060 46010 added


A charter has been arranged on March 14th utilising Northampton and Lamport Railway based Peak 45118. More details can be found here
Recent photos of 26014 and 45125 added


This years Mid-Hants Gala mini tour will be hauled by a HNRC 37 and the route will be Alresford-Alton-Guildford-Havant-Eastleigh-Romsey-Andover-Woking(RR)-Alton-Alresford, going under the name of 'The Solent Syphon'.
Two photos of the move of 37263 yesterday are here and here

Photos of a snowbound Brechin are here here and here


37263 was today hauled from Eastleigh to the Dean Forest Railway by a Fragonset 31. A photo of the loco having been prepared for the run is here
The details of next months GCR Sulzer Special involving 25265 and 45125 can be seen here
Photos and details for 47640 are here and two more 40145 photos are here and here


47640 was moved to the Battlefield Line on Friday. The locomotive, which had been stored at Crewe for some time, moved by rail to Derby last week and was transported from there by road to Shackerstone. The 47 remains the property of Fragonset Railways and will be on lease to the diesel group who, with help from the owners, plan to get the loco operational for the lines April gala.
The visiting locos currently in line to attend the Mid Hants gala in May are 45060, 50035 and D1013 plus a HNRC 37. These are in addition to MHR based locos 27007 33208 and Fragonset ED's 73104 & 73139. More locos will be added to the bill in due course.
A gallery of Saturdays 'East Lancs Envoy' Railtour are here

A recent photo of 25035 added plus archive views of 44004 45060 45135 and 50007


Pathfinder have details of a further tour for 40145 on 22nd May starting in South Wales and venturing into North Wales via Birmingham and Shrewsbury returning via Crewe with Peak haulage from there back to Newport. Details here
Pathfinder have again postponed the 'Alton Observer' tour planned in March and due to be hauled by the Fifty Fund operated 50's - 50031 & 50049.
HNRC will be making a number of locos available for sale in the coming months. Details are here
Recent photos of the bodywork restoration of 31271 are here and here. Photos of 31418 and 31421 also added


A gallery of the East Lancs English Electric day is here
Photos of the restoration progress on 45105 at Barrow Hill are here here here and here

A website depicting the restoration of 37254 is here
Photo and details for 37263 added
Archive photos of 26011 44004 and 47402 added


37037 left Wigan CRDC on Wednesday and was transported by road to Barrow Hill for restoration.
D9504 has left the Nene Valley Railway and was noted on a low loader yesterday reportedly heading for the newly constructed freight facility at March.
40145 will not be attending this years gala at the Mid Hants as previously planned. This means alternative traction will need to be sought for the annual mini-railtour of southern metals.
A timetable for tomorrows ELR English Electric day is here - the event will see the return to service of Ian Rileys 37261 which successfully undertook a number of test runs earlier this week.
Times for next weekends class 40 railtour are here


The two Garsdale Railtours, on 14th Feb and 1st May, advertised for 45112 will be worked by West Coasts new loco - 57601. Fragonset intend to equip 45112 with TPWS in the coming months and the loco is pencilled in to work the diesel sections of two Pathfinder steam tours at the end of May. Details here
D9504 was returned to the Nene Valley Railway following tyre turning at Toton
Recent photo of 47596 added as well as two archive views of 47701 here and here


37263 is now owned by the Class 37 Preservation Group and is expected to move to the Dean Forest Railway in the next few weeks. The loco is presently stored at Eastleigh.
It has been established that D9504 visited Toton TMD last week for tyre turning and confirmation of the locos current location is required..
Archive views of 33021 37188 37188 and 47701 added


73005 has today left the Dean Forest Railway and is being moved by road to the Severn Valley Railway where it will be based for the foreseeable future.
Another loco on the move is D9504 latterly at the Nene Valley Railway, the loco was noted on a low loader today on the A52. The destination is unknown but the locomotive had been expected to leave Wansford for further commercial contract work although it is possible the loco was returning to the NVR following such work.....
Four more photos added to the xmas GWR gala gallery and archive photos of D1010 and D1015 added

Site changes..
To reflect the growing number of locomotives loaned to preserved lines by commercial operators a new section has been made to list these locos. Two additions to the preserved section that really should have been in from the start are 33021 and 47701 both these locos are privately owned but operated by Fragonset although neither has yet been fitted with TPWS and are currently stored at Hither Green and Ludgershall respectively. 50008 has been removed from the site as it cannot be considered preserved at present. The loco is at the LNWR workshops at Crewe and is part way through an overhaul but little or no work is currently being carried out.


The South East Locomotive Group have concluded an agreement with the Spa Valley Railway for one of their locos to remain on the railway for the next 5 years. 33063 is currently based at Tunbridge Wells and an exchange with the groups other loco - 33065 - is possible within that time period.
As reported elsewhere a deal has been completed with the NRM for the relocation of 50033 to the Steam Museum in Swindon which is housed in part of the former GWR/BREL workshops. The site is not rail connected so this will mean the fully operational loco will become a static exhibit. 'Glorious' is expected to move in the spring.
The SF47 Group successfully undertook test runs with 47367 on the North Norfolk Railway on Sunday. The 47 made three light engine trips between Weybourne and Holt, although the
locomotive will not be able to enter passenger service until the air-tanks have been certificated, and operation will then be extremely limited until vacuum brake equipment has been re-fitted.
Photo and details for 37037 added as well as a recent photo of 31018


The Devon Diesel Society have completed an agreement with HNRC for the purchase of 37037. The locomotive currently resides at Wigan CRDC but will shortly move to Barrow Hill and will be returned to working order as part of the purchase agreement. The loco will then move to the South Devon Railway for bodywork restoration and the DDS are running a fund to complete the purchase in time to allow the loco to run in this summers SDR gala. More details can be found here
Photo and details for 47716 added
Recent photos of 20056 20098 37188 50031 and 73134 added


Happy New Year!

The Dartmoor Railway is currently operating specials on a daily basis until January 4 utilising Fragonset locos 47716 & 73134. The are four booked return trips between Meldon and Okehampton, although additional services are running to the former station of Bow giving a round trip of 23 miles from Meldon. Call 01837 55637 for more information.
50031 & 50049 worked an Old Oak Common - Crewe ECS on Monday and are currently stabled at the LNWR depot.
Photo and details for 20119 which was sold by HNRC into preservation during November are here

Photos of the Christmas Gala at the GWR are here and a further set can be found here

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