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Class 55 'Deltic'

Type 5

Design: English Electric
Engine: Two Napier Deltic Eighteen Cylinder (1650hp)
Main Generator: English Electric x 2
Traction Motors: English Electric
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Co
Total Built: 23 (1955 & 1961-62 at Vulcan Foundry)
Total : 7
The Deltics were built by English Electric between 1961 & 1962 and at the time were the most powerful diesels ever built. The locos were powered by twin Napier Deltic engines and were designed for high speed passenger work on the east coast main line from London to Scotland and were based at Finsbury Park, Gateshead and Haymarket. The London based engines were named after racehorses with the others receiving the names of army regiments. The Deltics continued in top link service until the introduction of the HST's in 1978. The class finished their days working off York depot in early 1982. Previously preserved 55016 was purchased by Direct Rail Services in 2008 and the company have stated their intention to return the loco to commercial service.
55002 55009 55015
55016 55019 55022