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Class 56

Type 5

Design: BREL & Brush Traction
Engine: Ruston Paxman Sixteen Cylinder 16RK3CT (3250hp)
Alternator: Brush
Traction Motors: Brush
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Co
Total Built: 135 (1977-84 at Craiova (Romania), Doncaster & Crewe)
Total : 6
A Brush design intended for freight use, the first 30 were built under contract in Romania entering service during 1977 and the remainder were constructed by BREL at Doncaster and Crewe with the final machine entering service in 1984. The first class members were allocated to Tinsley for MGR work with later locos going to Toton and Gateshead also for coal work. The western region had an allocation for heavy stone and iron ore workings. The last class members were withdrawn from service during 2004 by EWS although three members of the class were re-instated by freight company Fastline in 2006 and further members returning to commercial work owned by Hanson Traction.
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